How to Harness the Process of Natural Health and Healing

Maintaining and sustaining healthy life is a constant quest, as many of us these days are agonized by various health problems. In such situations, physicians seem to offer the only solutions. Yet, we should all realize that an alternative solution is also available, and that is one of the holistic approach. The natural approach to health and healing is one that involves a balanced diet, exercise and also includes natural health products that have proven results and are readily available on today’s market.

The main role of the natural health products is to provide the body with its best immune system protection. It is also noteworthy that the holistic approach is about prevention. Daily consumption of nutrient and supplements aids the body in preventing breakdowns. Natural products come in many forms, herbal solutions, amino acid products, creatine supplementation, dietary oils, fat replacers, blood support; the list is extensive and helps to remedy many conditions or ailments. Natural health products make you stronger, with increased energy and a body that wards off illnesses that are prevalent in society.

The holistic approach to health and wellness includes a balanced diet, includes supplements and also exercise. Exercise is more than just “hitting the gym”. Holistic wellness includes non contact, non stress activities such as yoga and meditation. While weight lifting and strength training at the gym is appropriate for many, some have conditions that prevent this type of physical exertion and there are many other forms of exercise. An activity as simple as walking can greatly help the body as well as the spirit. Exercise not only helps you to sustain a healthy life but also helps maintain cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and neurological health.

The holistic lifestyle does not condemn the use of traditional medicine, nor does it replace it. Instead, it works in conjunction with it so that today’s healthcare is all it can be to everyone, young or old, male or female. Be assured no one is expecting or recommending not seeking medical attention, there are many times, including an annual checkup that is pertinent to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The holistic community wants you to become educated and be empowered by all the additional ways you can assist yourself in your own healthcare.

It is encouraging to understand the steps that you can take to help your overall health. Furthermore, with proper diet, exercise and a holistic approach to health and healing, you can lead a long and health ha

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Constipation Relief for Women and Hemorrhoid Banding

Constipation relief for women is a topic that was sent to the hemorrhoids online blog email from a woman who had her condition treated with the hemorrhoid banding procedure. A hemorrhoid specialist uses a local anesthetic to numb the anus and rectum area, so there is minimal pain involved when medical rubber band is used around the base of a hemorrhoid to eliminate the blood flow that is causing painful inflammation. Once the band is in place hemorrhoids die and fall off.

The interesting part of her email was that her hemorrhoid doctor was certain that chronic constipation was the cause of her hemorrhoids. She was lucky if she was able to have normal bowel movements once a week. In reality she was straining on the toilet to pass a bowel movement every other day at best. Often times very little would come out for her efforts. Her doctor told her she was constricted and chronic constipation resulted in hemorrhoids developing. Straining during bowel movements will cause health problems.

After she recovered from hemorrhoid banding she was still suffering from constipation. Frustrated she turned to over-the-counter constipation relief products that were too hard on her stomach and made bowel movements too violent. The way she described it was not pretty at all. The Internet is a tremendous resource for information on constipation relief. This is where she found Dr. Karlo Mauro’s constipation relief for women system.

I’m very much a skeptic to a certain degree on every product or system for hemorrhoid and constipation relief. I try to share as much information about topics related to hemorrhoids that can REALLY help people find a treatment and cure that works for them. It’s hard to deny something works when you get a person sharing their success story with you. After a follow up email we had the woman explained that she was a skeptic too until she read Dr. Mauro’s series on the 7 common causes of constipation for free.

She did her own research online and found that the information was accurate. She also visited different constipation forums to get real opinions from people that had used the system. After buying the system and following the simple steps she found constipation relief. I can’t stress enough the connection between constipation and hemorrhoids.

I never will say that every constipation or hemorrhoid treatment will work for every single person. It makes me cringe when people or companies put out claims like that. I prefer a more organic approach to sharing information that comes from people sharing their personal experiences using a product. No company on the planet will tell you their product flaws. Dr. Karlo Mauro’s constipation relief for women system worked for the woman who wanted us to share her story.

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