Witch Hazel and Hemorrhoids – What a Mix!

Do you suffer with annoying Hemorrhoids and need some immediate relief? Well, listen up! One of the best remedies for you to use is combining Witch Hazel and Hemorrhoids.

Now you may not be aware but Witch Hazel is a natural astringent and it is very good at constricting tissue. This in turn will help reduce swelling and pain. So when you apply it to your hemorrhoids (which are damaged swollen vessels and tissue) it not only gives you immediate relief, it also helps them to heal more quickly. In addition the witch hazel will help stop mucus and blood leaking from your hemorrhoids. There are different natural astringents available, Aloe Vera is another one. It is as easy to get as cutting a leaf off of an aloe vera plant you may already have and getting the extract out.

Applying these is very simple. You use cotton balls or dry cotton wipes and soak them with the astringent. Then gently dab the hemorrhoids. You can do this as often as you need to for comfort.

There are a lot of other natural remedies available to you. The exact directions are easy to find. You can even find ‘recipes’ or formulas to create a ‘hemorrhoid healing salve’ using the witch hazel.

Taking a bath in warm saltwater at least three times a day is also a natural way to give relief and speed the healing of your hemorrhoids. It compliments perfectly ‘the witch hazel and hemorrhoid’ remedy. It helps your hemorrhoids in the same way that gargling with saltwater helps a sore throat. It relieves pain, reduces swelling and helps to draw out infection.

In addition using your diet to keep your stools soft is one important step that goes hand in hand with therapies like witch hazel. If after using the witch hazel and hemorrhoid therapy you are on your way to healing your hemorrhoids; and then you become constipated, you may end up back at square one and have to start all over. Keeping your stools soft and avoiding pushing too hard during bowel movements will ensure that the healing process goes as it should.

Using natural at home methods will give you the knowledge to not only heal your hemorrhoids, but when you learn these therapies you also learn how to remain in good health. This will help you avoid hemorrhoids in the future. Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat, drinking a lot of water and increasing the activity you do are all directly linked to a healthy life with no hemorrhoids.

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